Standard specifications

All specifications are indicative and subjected to customisation.

  • Continuous coverage of the observed scattering angles, between 5 and 150 degrees.
  • The system is compact, with a light-tight enclosure and no dangerous or space-consuming moving parts.
  • Single photomultiplier. This guarantees a high measurement accuracy and an adequate cost for the whole system.
  • Change the the observation angle in less than 10 milliseconds. This allows the simultaneous study of fast evolving phenomena from many angles, for both static and dynamic light scattering measurements.
  • Full computer control: the sequence of observation angles, the duration of each acquisition, the cell temperature can be fully programmed.
  • User-friendly proprietary software, including a data-base and other utilities, allows the use of the diffractometer also to not highly qualified personnel.


According to MICROTECH general policy, the detailed structure of the DLS instrument is always tailored to customer's needs, in order to optimise the cost/performance ratio for each specific application.

Please contact us for requesting any further information or quotation, indicating your main DLS application.